Home in Singapore (:

Posted on: May 16, 2010

So I’m finally back in Singapore, after a ridiculously long flight back that saw us leave at 7am on Monday and arrive at midnight on Wednesday, and it is only now (Sunday) that I feel like I am completely free of the grasp that jet lag had me in. It is curious that the fatigue only really hit me on Thursday, and since then I’d been just simply really tired even though I was walking all around meeting people.

Cheap food finally, and seeing loved ones – though sometimes I’m not up for walking lots or talking much due to the exhaustion. I’ve had laksa, chicken rice, duck rice, sambal stingray, curry fish head, prawn noodles, wanton mee, hokkien mee and fried bee hoon so far. Yeahhh, it’s been good.

In any case, I’m ecstatic to announce that I’m now part of the behavioural and sociobiology lab under Prof Li Daiqin, and will be working on spiders (: It’s supposed to be pretty hush hush what I’m doing, so I won’t be posting much about it here. Also, with the grades I’ve gotten from UofT, my CAP has risen quite a bit, and I am just extremely grateful right now for all the opportunities I’ve been given thus far.

So what’s next? Working freelance still for two companies, and honours project starting asap. I’ll be working really hard this year, so you might see even less of me, if that’s possible. Hurhur. Post-processing of the photographs I’ve taken so far will also come really slowly, because I’ll only look through them when I have time. (: I’ll still be updating this blog of the travels I’ve had in Canada and the US. Till then, thank you for reading, keep well and safe travels, all!


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