Posted on: April 14, 2010

I was just told that level 4000 geography modules are only meant for geography major students – hence if I wanted (needed) to do a level 4000 module (ie. Environmental Modelling), I would only be able to do it if I am doing a minor in Physical Geography.

sigh. :(

And this year isn’t a very good year to do it, because the modules I want aren’t offered, and I technically have no choice of modules to choose from – I have to do what is available to fulfill four modules worth, because there are only four modules in that basket being offered.


The module timetable makes it such that I would have three modules to read in both semester. And out of the total five geography modules I would need to do, I absolutely am not interested in two of them.

So it sounds like an easy choice, right?

I just wish I could do environmental modelling. You have no idea how profoundly sad I am right now. Administration and logistics prevent me from taking a class I have a passion and keen interest in.

So as of now, I have two modules that I will read for sure this academic year. Geographical Imaging Systems, and Tumour Biology. Perhaps I should take this chance to do a philosophy module?


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