Graded papers (:

Posted on: April 10, 2010

Talking with ah tan made me realise that I theoretically qualified for the dean’s list the semester before I came to Toronto. Hurhur. Getting to do honours year (the vice dean said I could) is the milestone in this rollercoaster conflict between me and the books. Slightly amused and wondering how my grades look on a graph, here’s a literal translation:

N/B: A semester here is equivalent to either a 13 week term (two of which comprise an academic year) or a 6 week summer term (which fill up half of the holiday period between academic years).

And if you look at my transcript, its OBVIOUS what I’m inclined towards (biology and arts), interested and do well in (biology, evolution, ecology, conservation) and what I’m not meant for (molecular biology nudge nudge). HAHA. ANYWAY.

That aside, CONGRATULATIONS TO SANDRA TAN MIN-LI FOR PUBLISHING A PAPER!! Her own walls to climb and mountains to pass, she’s done it and I’M SO PROUD OF HER!!

Beams. Read the article here. Preview:



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