Events events events!

Posted on: March 13, 2010

These past one and a half weeks have been the most awesome days ever!

The snow, fleeting fragile floating powder droplets of life, has altogether stopped visiting us for now. They claim fatigue, but I think otherwise. I think they’ve gone away for tea all by themselves!

Because if I had russian tea bisquits like them, I’d go away for tea all by myself too! :D Mmmmm. SO good! I still don’t know if Toronto has them. I want one more, at least! :D

And on beautiful nights that we had a full moon, we had to have TANG YUANS to eat! Being typical foodie Singaporeans, distance does not prevent us from filling our bellies with delights, however far we are! :D

And so come the cheapo tangyuans from Oriental Harvest supermarket at Chinatown. For you science students, see what I see? The tangyuan at 11 o’clock has cleavage!

Lastly, I am still debating whether or not to cut my hair. I have good hair days like today, and I have bad hair days. I think I’ve had enough of it, but friends and the boy don’t want me to cut my hair. Really? Have you seen me with long hair? It really kinda sucks.

See me? It ends up like that. All thick and not too nice. I also hate tying up my hair, and if it’s blowing all around my face. Hurhur. Oh my secondary school days. The horror. HAHA. All that craziness in four years!


Yesterday, I went for my first couchsurfing event – and yes, you guessed it, we gathered over food! The trip to Little India (along Gerrard St E) was fantastic! First, my favourite aloo gobi, palak paneer, naan and biryani – shared with Dan (from Boston) and Umjee (sp?)(from Korea); then a visit to a supermarket chock full of indian goods, followed by chai tea and indian sweets and desserts! Organised by Payal (from India), there were about 20 people who turned up! We literally took up all the space in the restaurants!

Fellow Singaporean Joanne Poh was wonderful to meet – and together with Megan and her sister (who are Taiwanese), we’re going to have a Singapore food party next Sunday! I AM SO EXCITED. We’re going to make sambal kangkong, chicken rice, and perhaps even bak kut teh. She’s going to make kueh, I forget what the malay name is, but it’s green on top with sticky rice on the bottom (my dad’s favourite kueh!).

I had such a good time meeting different people and talking with people from Brazil, Norway, Toronto, Taiwan, India and more! And even got a ride back courtesy of Alex from Brazil (: I am definitely looking forward to being more active in this community of couchsurfers, and Joanne tells me that the CS scene in Singapore is pretty vibrant too!


My first boardgame meetup on Wednesday with the Toronto community was a blast! I had a good time playing Stone Age, finally learning the right rule set up and getting my heart and brain pumped again (after 7 months of no gaming!).

That’s the management game, Stone Age. It requires planning in advance for many things, and also considering what other players are aiming for. A player also has to manage their group of people, because for every additional baby born to add to your group of workers, makes for an additional mouth to feed! And not being able to feed is costly! :D

This is the second time ever in my life that I played the same game back to back, and though I lost the first game badly (I entirely forgot about one component of the game, the bonus cards, and only realised it halfway through the game), I made a victorious comeback, becoming first in the second game! :D Such a rush to play management games. (:


Alice in Wonderland in 3D was pretty – and I mean, Pretty. Visual effects were pretty cool, though as usual, Burton’s films are a little bit morbid and on the dark side. At the same time, it’s not his best film, and it may seem a little overindulgent of him, even. The actors weren’t too terrible, but they weren’t brilliant – the thing is, I can’t tell if that’s because the character they played was meant to be like that, or if it was just simply bad acting! And as usual, Helena Carter is amazing in her reprise in the utterly insane character, this time manifested as The Red Queen. Anne Hathaway on the other hand, is quite disturbing as The White Queen. I am constantly disturbed by her black eyebrows, dark lipstick and platinum blond hair. Again, that’s just her look, and I’m just simply disturbed by it. If that’s what Burton wanted audiences to feel, he achieved it!

Also, it’s probably the last film I’ll watch in 3D. I’m not convinced it’s worth paying the extra money to watch the show in a digitally manipulated plane. (:


UofT filmfest later and St Patrick’s day parade on Sunday awaits!


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