Posted on: March 5, 2010

My digital watch has either spoilt, or ran out of battery. If it’s the former, I would rant about how hardware these days simply aren’t built to last. If it were the latter, it’d be a not-so-simple matter of finding someone who replaces watch batteries. Haha. Although I suspect some people at Kensington Market can repair it, I don’t think they’d tell me if my watch was actually spoilt (I know the guy at HollandV would, because he’s nice like that). I’m sad. I wish it were working.

On another note, we are going out to Dim Sum for lunch! Oh happiness, still my heart. :D Bright Pearl restaurant is the new target for me, not so new target for the rest (they’ve already been there) and they have $1.80 per basket deals :D

We just had a viewer to the apartment, and I’m crossing my fingers that either one of the two prospects coming in today will get our apartment from us in May. :S

Off to the library!


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