What about the future

Posted on: March 3, 2010

It’s easy to be appreciative when things are going well. I think the challenge comes when things get hard, when people fail or when things go wrong or become unexpected. Are you as appreciative in that moment? Probably not. Would it help though? Probably.

I’m trying to appreciate right now that I have had what my instructor calls “outstanding” results with my first two film rolls, as I mourn the loss of my third. I made such a silly mistake, all due to my complacence, that I am only upset with myself. I know, this will never happen again.

As I eat my comfort food (ie. mashed potato that I made just before heading out to class), I am listening to Chris Daughtry on repeat and tempted to sing along at the top of my lungs, without a care. Of course, that only happens in my head, really. With Chong sleeping in the room and Chin around, I hardly sing.

Mmm. The mashed potato is so good. Like, seriously? I didn’t make it from scratch, if you’re wondering. Even after watching Julie and Julia and getting awfully tempted to take up cooking for the fun of it, I resorted to using the mashed potato mix I had stashed in my cupboard for the longest time.

It’s this mashed potato’s fault that my subway sandwich lies half eaten in the fridge. Read: I couldn’t finish the subway sandwich coz the mashed p tasted so good. Haha. I still can’t get over how good this tastes. This is from a PACKET. Dried up, powdery form that I brought to life with milk, water and garlic butter. Oooh. It’s probably the butter ay?

In any case, I’ve been feeling like my photographs haven’t been giving me the excitement I usually get. I think it’s because I’m rushing them, in order to print and learn to print, I’m shooting at a rate that’s much faster than I normally would.

I’m finding that I want three lives to do the careers I want.

I want to work at IDEO. I want to be a photographer. I want to be a biologist.

Taking a cue from indexed.com, here’s a venn diagram of my own to illustrate (haha wordplay!) my dilemma:


3 Responses to "What about the future"

remind me of a lecture that we went through – positive psych. we had to think of a list of things that gives us meaning (purpose in life), a list of things that we are good at, and a list of things that makes us happy. and try to see there’s any overlap in the middle of these 3 (like a venn diagram!)

anw, wanted to tell you, rmb you asked me abt this guy albert bandura (from canada).. ya.. i rcntly just completed a 2000 word essay on him n his idealogies – about self efficacy, aggression and watsnot. haha.

reminded me of youu when i was writing. and so! (: here’s to you!! cheers.

still clink our glasses? (: sure!

that’s so cool! i want to try that. specific instructions? :D

i actually don’t recall, you know! his name doesn’t ring a bell, are you sure it was me? hahhaa. coooool.

CLINK. always (: hugs!

yesh its you. definitely. no mistake about that (: but its okay.

no specific instructions. you jsut have to name one list by one list.. do one by one.. den think hard for each list. den u see if there’s a repeating point throughout.. (: THEN thats the thing that will be the most impt part of your life..

it can be anything.. like songs, taking care of kids. anyting at all.

i found mine (: hope you find yours. (:

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