Point updates

Posted on: March 2, 2010

What’s the point of point updates? Well, they’re quick to write and read, and puts people’s minds at ease. It’s like an email with just two lines. “Hi. This is what’s happening in my life. I’m good. Are you?”. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the second line is “Take care!”.


My 8-year old mechanical pencil is lost. He has gone through a lot with me, even sacrificing his pencil eraser tip for me. I want him back. Tell me if you see him. He’s green.

Mite lab seems to be promising me a taste of taxonomy. Yet to come true, but seems like it will happen next week. Exciting!

Been postponing Insect lab due to the plethora of deadlines I suddenly found myself swamped in. Yet to do spider taxonomy like I’m supposed to, but will be doing it tomorrow. Kinda scared because it’s really difficult to pinpoint a family out of thousands and thousands of spiders.

Advanced darkroom classes has started. I did my first burn and dodge technique last week – super exciting! Exciting that I’m learning something new, though the technique itself.. well. Let’s just say it wasn’t as technologically advanced as I thought it would be.

I submitted four prints to the 88th Hart House photo competition yesterday. Just decided spontaneously to do it, since I already had the prints. The mat board was not too expensive, but the tape I wanted to use to tape my photos to the board was freaking expensive. Ended up going “What the heck, I’ll just do this” and submitted four photos, since the materials allowed me to do so. I initially only wanted to submit one. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not sure if I’ll win anything. If I do, sweet! If not, no loss! Learnt some new stuff and got to use the mat board cutter. Hurhur.

Finally, all but one assignment is left. Physiological ecology’s abstract is due this Thursday, and I still haven’t settled on a topic. If you know me, you’ll also know I hate doing simple topics, or topics given by the lecturer. I always want to learn something through the project I’m doing, if I have a choice to choose my topic. So I’m waiting for the professor’s reply to whether my choice of bats as my topic is plausible.

Am thinking of going for a maple syrup trip on the 16th of March. March seems to be lined up with a number of events. There is a couchsurfer’s trip to Little India (at Gerrard St), the Hart House photo exhibition (of winners), Relay for Life (fundraising event for people who have or had cancer and a tribute to those who have passed on) and my insect collection is due as well.

Yesterday we had tang yuans (we ate the ones I bought, coz the packet had more), and hilariously enough, the ‘rock sugar’ Chin bought turned out to be Alum (which is short for aluminium potassium sulphate) – tasted horribly medicine-y, according to Chin. Apparently it’s meant to be medicinal. Haha. He poured the ‘soup’ away so Chong and I didn’t get to taste it, fortunately!

Finally finished The Tipping Point. First book I finished in a long, long time. I usually consistently am in the middle of seven books or so. And then I forget about them, and end up not finishing them. Haha. So a lot of my books have bookmarks in them. I resort to using postcards as bookmarks. Or ticket stubs. Hurhur.

Am also watching Julie and Julia now. It’s pretty funny. I watch movies when I eat my dinner/lunches, and I pause them when I finish my food. So I take a few meals to finish a movie haha but it makes me happy! (: I really want to watch Blindness, Seven Pounds and Infernal Affairs (yes all three of them) again. I remember I really liked those shows!

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