frolicking in the snow

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Oh. My. Gosh.

It finally like SNOWED today, and it built up quite a bit. It snowed so heavily that in just an hour the ground was covered with a few inches, and by nightfall it was pretty thick! My coat actually collected a fair amount of snow as I walked, which was pretty cool but annoying because it made my coat a little wet. Hurhur. WHITE DAYS.

The snow today was AWESOME to pack! I’ve never had such an easy time packing snow, EVER. We just literally rolled around the ball of snow till it built to epic proportions!! See, its humongous tall. (: Thanks to Ren Hui for jio-ing Lynette and I out to build snowmen with her and Josh! The two ang moh kia just spontaneously joined us after watching us build stuff, I presume. They were the ones who started the epic monster! We did the two smaller ones, and then we helped build the big one too. Hurhur.



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i wanna see snow snow snow

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