Chic in Chicago

Posted on: February 16, 2010

So I had arrived in Chicago, and phone calls and mistransmissions cost me quite a bit. I was worried about whether my phone money would last me, but it seems it should be able to, granted I stop talking for five minutes on it with my hosts. I should make it clear that texting is much preferable, if they want me to be contactable :D

Lisa Findley, my first host for Chicago is a cheery, knowledgeable and extremely NICE host! After a treat at Joy Yuen Restaurant in Chinatown (where I had a durian fruit freeze! :D), she also cooked breakfast for me the next day – a mexican brunch type with scrambled eggs and cheese combined with stir-fried onions and some kind of stir fried chilli minced meat. Hurhur. Absolutely tasty. I was also most excited at the fact that she simply started baking because the bananas weren’t going to last. So we baked bananabread! Oh-so-happy! I love baking, but we don’t bake as easily and as spontaneously :D

Yesterday saw me all over Chicago in buses and trains and on foot – just randomly walking into stores and taking a bus down the street when I felt like it. The “L” pass I have is a 3 day unlimited bus and train ride pass, and it is very handy! The people here are really nice, I have met people who open doors for me at no obligation – they don’t even work for the place! A lady handed a homeless dude a cigarette when he asked for money, and my host gave money to a homeless lady with a small kid who was crunching chips too big for his hand.

Milwauke Ave, Madison and Washington Streets, Millennium Park, State and Dearborn Streets, Halsted and Broadway Streets were where I roamed about (I suspect there are more than that), and I’ve picked up a nice world map (which is like wrapping paper), and some beautiful (and funny) postcards! Blick art store has reminded me how much I yearn to be that artist on the street. Alas, I am also poor and could not afford to buy what I wanted. There were a number of things along N. Clark Avenue that I wanted too, but well. Hurhur.

Today is going to be museum day! (:


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