Happenings in the D

Posted on: February 14, 2010

I’m on my way to Chicago, travelling on a megabus that has no power plug points but has wifi. This I know, because the bus driver announced “Also, this bus has wifi.. so if you wanna use your computer or all that craziness that I don’t know how to use in the wifi, go ahead.. but we don’t have no power outlets.” Haha. I am always so amused by how the drivers do their announcements.

The snow-clad landscape to my left is beyond beautiful. While the sky is overcast, it brings a sombre, contemplative feel to the barren branches and foot deep snow, and I suddenly yearn to be amongst the trees right now.

I glance across to my right, and there are endless rows of planted christmas trees, slowly growing, perhaps only sold in the next two years or so, for they are still small.

The trip is smooth, and the passengers, quietly dozing. It’s exactly reflective of my day yesterday in Detroit. I spent the day walking around the suburban area with Alissa, my host – and her boyfriend Ben cooked a delicious spaghetti sauce from scratch for dinner! Though it sounds like that’s all there is to it, do you recall Murphy’s law? That anything that could go wrong would go wrong? Well, it kind of did.

Immigration took an hour to clear the passengers on the bus (and our bus wasn’t even very full), so I arrived an hour and a half from my scheduled time. That’s fine, really. I called Alissa, and she agreed to meet me at the station – a few minutes later she called back to say her car had been broken into the previous night and she couldn’t start it! :s To my disdain, I had to take a cab. Though her place was a 5 minute drive away, it was via a highway and I couldn’t walk there. I didn’t mind taking a cab to meet her though, but I did start to worry about overshooting my budget. More importantly, it was such a sad thing to hear that her car had been broken into! I arrived to see that it looked like someone tried to hotwire it. So scary.

If you didn’t know, this trip is my tightest budget yet. So the cab effectively took away one of my meal budgets, and I was afraid my money wouldn’t last me, even though my budget had a buffer. Thankfully though, Ben cooked dinner, so I didn’t spend on dinner – and I had my very first crepe as well (for lunch)! It was s’mores flavoured, and oh-so-delicious! The store name was hilarious, and the people there were SO COOL. They dressed up french 30s style, and the names on the menus were french girl names: to fit the theme of the cafe, which was called Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes. Hurhur.

I also managed to catch a film I was interested in seeing, and I’m glad Alissa enjoyed it as much as I did! No Impact Man was the title, and if you get a chance, go watch it! It’s hilarious and authentic, and very enjoyable. Good stuff. We caught it at the Detroit Film Theatre, a place I had wanted to go but had dumped the idea after I knew her car was missing in action. Turns out that the Detroit Institute of Art (famous and pretty cool, and hosts the DFT) was pretty nearby! So I managed to see the film, attend an art exhibition just by chance that opened the day we were there, and see the suburban neighbourhood of Detroit! I will be back on the 20th for 6 hours or so, so that’s when I will visit the downtown area. Everything really works out in the end – and I suppose how much it works out depends on what your attitude and philosophy is as a traveller. (:

Right now though, I’m going to lock eyes with the farmland around me and be transported into oblivion. (:


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