Posted on: February 5, 2010

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I know I said I celebrate my birthday 1-2 weeks before and after the actual date itself (so it’s like I have a month of holiday, I like that idea!), but this was SUCH a lovely surprise!

While skyping with mom this morning, I heard someone rapping on the door, and realised it was the postman after looking through the peephole.

“Looking for Mindy Tuan?”
“Ahh.. Yes?” I was staring at the postage he had in hand, recognising the familiar handwriting and feeling my heart swell.
Passing me the postage, he said “Oh it’s you ah? Postage from Singapore Lah
Still staring at the handwriting, I exclaimed “Oh cool!”
He pushed a piece of paper to me, and handed me a pen. “Sign here Lah
As if I was suddenly jolted awake, I said in delight “Oh you know the Singapore slang!”
He smiled (in hokkien we would call it um-chio) and asked whether I was hokkien, hakka or teochew. I said hokkien, and bid him a good day. It was then that I realised he could have passed off as a Singaporean in looks. Why did I not get his attempts to say Lah? Because it was so deliberate, I just didn’t draw a connection to the singlish lahs we use! He was probably a Singaporean though. (:

Bringing the postage back to my table to show mom, I then realised whose handwriting it was! The lovely, neat familiar handwriting another friend and I used to praise as well, neat and lovely! Colleen Chua! Sure enough, I turned the postage around and recognised the address on the back as hers. (:

If you look at the picture above, you’ll realise there are two envelopes. The card came in another envelope, with postage paid to two addresses, none of them mine. Since tradition held that we would write cards in front of each other for every birthday girl, the story inside explained:

“cos you were not here for us to write the card in front of, we ended up mailing THIS very card to each other. so yes, this card has accumulated quite a bit of frequent flyer miles. haha.”

I am so touched and honoured!! Reading their little notes in the card made memories flow back, and I ended up smiling to myself for a long time. (: The other ultra-cool part was the present they sent me! It’s a MIGHTY WALLET, the very same type that I saw in the Smithsonian Museum and was so intrigued by! I didn’t buy the ones there because all they had were the gaudy neon green and oranges, but I was so intrigued I wanted to get other designs buy it for friends! AND NOW I HAVE ONE!!!

Fantastically, the design is of positive black and white film negatives. (: OMG. This is so meaningful to me, really! OH MAN. (: Am I not fortunate to have such lovely people in my life?


2 Responses to "MIGHTY POST"

HAHA am i glad that you didnt buy the gaudy neon green or orange ones!! :D

ME TOO (: <3

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