Greyhound buses and announcements

Posted on: January 29, 2010

So, a fujitsu lifebook like mine that’s 14 inches or so in length and mebbe two thirds of that in width is hard to fit in properly in a greyhound seat and type comfortably. Oh, and goodness forbid if the person in front of me reclines his chair, because then I’d effectively be working blind on a laptop that’d have to have its lid closed!

In Albany now, and the boundless blue skies have lifted my spirits quite effectively. We’re waiting for the next bus driver to come and take us away to Boston; it seems like he might have lost his way, because he ain’t here yet! Hurhur.

I just checked the weather for Boston, and I’m surprised to hear that it’s -22 degrees with wind chill! And the wind is at a killer speed of 46km/hour. NOT looking forward to that.

On the bright side, Charlie cards (similar to an EZ Link in Singapore) in Boston give discounts at Quincy market and everywhere else, so I’m contemplating if it’s worth it to buy one. Actually, I’d most likely be getting a 7-day subway pass, because it only costs $15, when a 1-day pass is $9. If you do the math, it’s an obvious choice if you know you’re going to be there for 2 and a half days and using the subway a lot. So yeah, that’s some information for you!

HAHHAHAHA. Okay so this is real time now. The bus driver is driving us off (Yayy!) but we’re late in schedule, so we’re arriving slightly later. This is part of his announcement:

“If you wanna talk to other passengers, whisper – and since we all have different personal habits, and different definitions of whisper, when I say whisper, I mean make believe you had a dream and you wanna tell your friend and you don’t want anybody else to hear”.


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