Posted on: January 29, 2010

I’m currently at the Syracruse Greyhound station, waiting for my bus to come take me away at 6.15am – and I’m almost there. It’s 4.11am now.

Surprisingly, there is another passenger who is travelling to Boston on the same route as me – Eva, a well-travelled, experienced lady of 68 years from Jamaica with tonnes of stories, and who is genuine, funny and lives in Toronto now!

The really cool part is that she wants to go back to Toronto on Monday as well, and I told her my bus leaves Boston at 5pm and arrives in Toronto at 7am, and she’s likely to take the same bus as me! We’ve spent the past 3 hours or so talking while she ate her subway (I’m saving money so I might buy a subway if I get desperate), and swapping stories about living in various areas and travelling to and from cities.

You know, I thought I might meet someone cool on this trip to talk with on the bus or something, and I really did! This is already, I know, one of the highlights of the trip (:


So I’m going to Boston to see the folks I met last year in Borneo during the Harvard summer field course – I know for sure I will be seeing Abby, Alex, Serena and perhaps Jessica and Andrew. I hope Kristina, Molly and Douwe can make it as well! That would be awesome.

This is a picture of us at Deramakot in Sabah. (: This photograph made it to the press in the local region, talking about how we loved our time there!

I have so many places in Boston and Cambridge I want to go to – I wish I had more days to walk around and take in the experience!

From this station the bus will take me to Albany, and then finally to Boston. LONG TRAVEL. Hurhur. It’ll be worth it though. (:


So, you may know that I’m travelling to Cleveland in February, and it was a trip that I booked SOLELY to visit Amish Country, which is in a town called Berlin. Little did I know (at the time of booking) that it would be near impossible for me to get to Berlin (for cheap, and in that time). The result? I’m going to Cleveland still (after all, I booked the tickets) and I’ll certainly make sure I enjoy myself, but I’ll miss out on Amish Country, which is unfortunate.

How amusing (or taunting) it is then, that for the past 3 hours or so, I have been in the same building as six Amish people, but I personally think it would be too awkward to approach them.

It would seem that I only become as awkward as a teenager gets during those years as I get older, which is absurd. Anyhoo. That means I won’t be talking to them at any rate. Just stealing glances. :b

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