the number 23 (:

Posted on: January 22, 2010

So. The years have passed by with a mischievous wink, and the freakin’ best year of my life has officially ‘ended’! No longer the fabulous number twenty-two, my particulars tell me that I’m now a wonderful twenty-three! Cheers to that! -clink!

I didn’t post a review of the past year’s firsts and reflections as I traditionally do, but I did write one of my own, with paper and pen. After all, that’s my favourite media by far. I won’t write about it here, but I will tell you that the 22nd year of my life left me feeling truly fortunate and grateful for the people around me in my life, feeling truly loved, contented and continuously excited by life and living!

2009 saw the longest time I had spent away from family and friends in Singapore by far, with trips to Bali, Borneo and Toronto – seeing continuous learning curves and challenges for me to pounce upon and relish with delight, sometimes in puzzlement, more often with extreme excitement. With various mentors from the RMBR, meeting lots of different people from all over the world (a number who I consider my good friends), and learning to live independently on my own in foreign land for a long period of time – it truly has been an amazing roller coaster ride! As they say, without the incredibly low lows, we wouldn’t know the insane exhilarating feeling of the high highs! (:

This is me learning to paint clouds on Mount Kinabalu :D

And, a little more than a year ago I got together with the love of my life – a man who is real, who drives me crazy and makes me laugh even in the harshest of times; who is my rock and with me even when we are apart, and warms my heart and makes me smile, and who grows with me each and every day. (:

Alan Mr Chua (:

I am fiercely proud, really, to have the friends and family that I have – and they keep me grounded in this world. I truly wish you the freakin’ best day of your life on every 22nd day of the month (it’s the best coz it keeps getting better :D) – and for you to never have to look back, but enjoy the present with loved ones and your dreams, and look forward to even more good ones!


Tap dance in the rain,
mindy. mins. minz. minmin. mindeo. mince. mantou. ah tuan. minday. tuan. mindoro. mtjm.


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