beautiful people

Posted on: January 19, 2010

Was out the moment I got out of bed today shooting with virgil, and these street people totally made my day! (:

The garbageman who said “CHEESE!!” gleefully till his grin reached his ears, literally, as he rode on the end of the garbage truck that passed me by, with two cameras in my hands I was too astonished and could all but manage a smile!

The lady in the lift from the 8th floor, who stared at virgil for a full five seconds before saying to me “That’s a very professional looking camera!” – and then wishing me a good day and to take lots of pictures!

The old man with einstein looking hair who remarked “That’s a beautiful picture, ay?” as he caught me catching a squirrel munching on a muffin cup.

I love it when these moments happen – and in my head, I’ve taken a mental snapshot of all of them. If I were anywhere near as apt at drawing, I’d sketch their faces out for you! (:



2 Responses to "beautiful people"

i think it’s little everyday things like these, that we overlook in our haste, that really make one’s day. (:
If only Singapore made it more comfortable and welcoming to do such things. As it is, you’re better off avoiding the spastic alternations between rain and heat, that totally puts one (or maybe it’s just me) off.

YES! i know what you mean. (:

haha hugs! ching i’m not looking forward to the weather when i return. i’m going to sufffahhhhhhhhh. hurhur. -melts and dies.

but carrot cake will make it all good. that, and sambal stingray. :D

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