Cameras, film and processing!

Posted on: January 13, 2010

I must say that Hart House’s Camera Club isn’t leaving too good of an impression on me. First, their orientation hours didn’t seem to live up to their promise when I waited for an hour for the person on duty to come and he apparently wasn’t in at all. Then, today’s first lesson (out of a mere 5 lessons) was a total of less than 45 minutes (out of a stipulated two hours). I was quite disappointed that the first lesson was so meagre.

Even more disappointing to learn was that the club did not have any film cameras to loan or rent out – the instructor told me that the ‘program’ for this service was terminated some years ago, and then proceeded to ask me to consider getting a refund while I still can. Seriously? He wasn’t going to ask me to stay, and help me find some way to get my hands on a film camera? I clearly have too high an expectation of a camera club in University of Toronto.

It was nice to meet Joy at the club though, who incidentally studied in Singapore for four years prior to coming to UofT. Which was pretty cool to find out! She very kindly offered to share her lomo with me, which makes it possible for me to take the classes, since I would actually have a film roll to process. I am pre-empting our busy schedules however, and have decided to get a camera for cheap if I can get my hands on one – and so have resorted to craigslist.

And viola! I found an offer for a Minolta X-370 complete with flash and extra lens, all for 30 bucks! I am told by the owner that I am not the first however, but he will inform me again if he has not sold it and if he is coming to Toronto (he lives some ways off) since his in-laws live in Toronto.

Crossing my fingers! Seriously, 30 bucks is such a good deal, I can’t believe my eyes/ears and all the rest of my sensory organs. If this works out, I’m going to be using the darkroom in HHCC more often, processing lots of film rolls! (:


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