Cold and warm baths

Posted on: January 11, 2010

Trying to take a warm bath at night having just come in from a cold of -6 degrees makes for an interesting challenge.

After walking outside for some time, different parts of the body are at different temperatures. The digits – that is to say, the fingers and toes, and by extension the hands and feet – are colder than the rest of the body, except perhaps the face. The face is probably the coldest part, because it has been exposed the most to the cold and the wind.

This is followed by the arms and legs, and then comes the part that is the warmest part of all, the torso.

As the fingers test the fresh water spewing from the shower head, they give the nod to the brain that the water is warm enough to shower in. But as the rest of the body comes into contact with the water, separate parts of the body start shouting to the brain “Too cold!”, “Too hot!”, “Just nice!”, and the person gets utterly confused.

Makes for an interesting experience. My solution? Just shower in the hottest water that the warmest part of your body is comfortable in. Endure the heat abuse that the coldest parts are shouting about, and soon you’ll be warm enough and at the same temperature everywhere. (:


2 Responses to "Cold and warm baths"

lol! one confused kid

YA! I DUNNO TO FEEL THE HOT / COLD! and i feel both as i go through the words!! :S

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