The Sound of Music

Posted on: January 10, 2010

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens..

I’m sure you’ve heard the above lines at least once, whether it’s through the radio, television or internet – and whether it was 10 years ago or just yesterday. One of the classic beloved shows of this era, The Sound of Music is a musical and film well known to many, and well loved as well.

And we managed to get rush tickets to see the show a few days ago!

We weren’t allowed to take photographs of the place, but it was posh nosh begosh! :D Ushers were donning three piece suits and bowties (I want to wear a bowtie!) and there was an old, laidback and yet classic 50s feel to the Princess of Wales Theatre, where we were to catch our 8pm show.

Initially hesitant about catching the musical, I only agreed to see it because the troupe extended their stay to a crowded that demanded it – with comments on their brilliance and beauty, I couldn’t help but say yes! I love love love musicals!

We got pretty good seats, even though we were at the back of everyone else, and I must say I was impressed with their opening act, and certain segments in the middle – and the part I was most impressed with was their stage sets! It was the most realistic I had ever seen in a long time! Not that I’m a fervent musical goer (as of now), but it was definitely something I would attribute the word ‘brilliant’ to!

If you recall, the Austrian singing family eventually performed at the Saltzburg singing festival, where Nazis were in attendance, ready to take Captain von Trapp away the moment he was done performing – this part of the musical took me entirely by surprise!

In a flash, the entire theatre was dressed in red – and swastikas donned roll down banners that dressed the balconies and stage sides. Suddenly, soldiers marched down the aisles a mere few feet away from us, carrying ‘rifles’. The mood turned solemn, as we became the audience of the Saltzburg singing festival.

The children were also a delight to watch, especially Gretl, the youngest child of all. Talented singers, dancers and actors gave us a beautiful night out and received a standing ovation in return. Brilliant!

If you are in Toronto and want to catch musicals, visit mirvish.com! (:


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