January’s first week

Posted on: January 9, 2010

School this semester seems set for an even heavier workload, in the name of journal readings and essay writing (again)! The courses however have shown lots of promise, with steady, grounded lecturers heading the syllabus. Sounds like a good start to the year!

To all who live in temperate countries and face the DRY dry dry climate in those areas, you would understand the pain of not moisturising properly or regularly. My hands are shouting abuse to me now, and I have decided I will place the moisturiser next to my bed so that I’ll remember to moisturise just before I go to sleep – EVERY night. Cracked skin does not bode well for anyone who does not like pain, and the cracks are about to show!

Today was a rest and relax day for me – washed the clothes that needed to be washed by hand, and cleaned up the sofa, set my luggage aside and placed my clothes neatly into the wardrobe. everything’s pretty neat now! Except perhaps my desk and my corner of the living room. That shall have to wait.

On a side note, I’m not doing enough reading of my own and this is leaving me slightly unsatisfied with the way I spend my time. -makes face. I think I’ll bring a book around with me everywhere I go now, and just read a few pages everytime I have free time. (:

Highlight of the day was going to the post office to collect a package from the boyfriend! (: Ooh, receiving packages makes me oh-so-happy. I rarely receive things like that, and that’s probably why I love snail mail and receiving packages through the mail! Luckily he registered the mail, because the postman came at 9.25am – after we had left for our class that started at 9am!

He used pretty pretty stamps too! (:

And, surprise surprise, it’s a beautiful notebook from PaperLuxe! I’m really touched, I am! I’m going to use it for the year 2010! (:

It’s been snowing much more recently, and the white fluff is blanketing the city! I’ll take photographs once the snow is thicker, it’ll be awesome pretty! Temperatures have been dipping too, it’s been an average of close to -10 degrees nowadays, including wind chill. Brrr! I’m happy to say though that we’re used to this temperature now! Most of us go “Oh, it’s only -10 degrees”. HAHA. Which is pretty cool, I must say. It’s pretty amusing to see us acclimate to the lowering temperatures – slowly we got used to 13 degrees, 10 degrees, 5 degrees, 0 degrees, -2 degrees, and now -10 degrees! :D

Still though, that tropical heart in me is yearning for the rainforest – and the people back home.

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