I’ve decided I’m going to watch RENT the musical for my birthday! Either that week (for student rush tickets) or the day itself, I don’t care. Either way, January is my month and these are the last few days I will be officially 22 years of age (22’s my favourite number!). So, in celebration of that, I shall watch a musical dear to my heart! RENT!

I can’t believe RENT is going to be here! For about 10 days, and with the two fabulous and famous triple threats, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, who both were on Broadway and the film! OMG OMG OMG. Thanks to Chong who pointed me to the webpage (initially inviting me to watch The Sound of Music) where I saw it!

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I’ve wanted to catch this ever since I heard of it, and even more so since I watched the film!

On a side note, my trip to Boston is booked! I’ll be there 28th to 31st January (: For those of you looking for New York and Washington updates from the holidays, you’ll have to wait! :D


2 Responses to "RENT"

i love love love RENT!! and ooh adam pascal!! :D

i watched the stage version here with a couple of aussie idol alumni as mark and mimi.. and it was such a disappointment :(
but i’m sure your experience would be heaps better with anthony and adam! ^_^

ME TOOOO!! yes adam pascal! he’s phenomenal! hahaha.

oh no, mebbe next time when rent comes (and we’re both in the same city) we can go watch together! now that’s a lovely idea (:

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