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The first semester has come to an end! I’ve been so fatigued ever since, I think it’s partially due to the non-stop onslaught of assignments, as well as the fact that I’ve never had a proper rest all this while. How do I explain it? It’s funny. I’ve been sleeping regular, and good hours, but it’s not the rest I need. I suppose its the mental rest that’s lacking.

Now that exams are over, I’ve finally been to the movies at Yonge and Dundas’ AMC for Fantastic Mr Fox (yayy!) and slept more than before. Mahjong night at the Kensington place with the rest of the Singaporeans was cool, they cooked carrot cake as well, and that was interesting. I think I caught a slight cold from it though, so now I’m sleeping half the day away, drinking lots of water in between, and taking my vitamin C tablets as well.

Hopefully this goes away before New York! I can’t wait I really can’t wait – the highlight for me is the American Natural History Museum, and the Smithsonian museums at Washington. This is other than actually experiencing the place, of course! (:


In the wee hours of the morning, just before the grey skies clear for yet another beautiful blue day in the winters of Toronto, I’m going to tell you a bit about my relatives!

My Aunt Jane (Mom’s sister) and her husband (who prefers to call himself S.M. Ong) both have blogs of their own creative endeavours, and are both funny writers! Aunt Jane runs her own projectsbyjane online shop and blog, as well as sells her bags at various markets, such as the one at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore. Uncle Su Mann is a currently writer and editor of The New Paper and several magazines published in Singapore and the region, and writes his articles here. I’m so proud of both of them! :D

Here’s a sneak preview of their blogs.

Aunt Jane runs her own self-made online tutorials on making your own bags, which is what she does very well! She sews and makes her bags from various fabrics and prints designed by her and takes her inspirations from many places. Handmade and of good quality, the bags are seldom, if ever, duplicated – my friend is asking for a bag from her that was sold recently, but they are modifying it according to her needs – and receive audiences of all ages!

Uncle Su Mann puts up funny, short articles that are also published in The New Paper, as well as those that aren’t. For the Singaporeans reading these, he was the writer of several well received Phua Chu Kang episodes back in its heyday. Isn’t he hippie looking and cool? :D He is also a jia katang (eat potato), just as I am one too! We are not alone. Hurhur. Read his hiliarious article on eating potatos here.

I just received news of this – do spread news of the program to people you know fit the bill!

Bayer Young Environmental Envoy program – welcoming youths between 17 – 24 years of age to apply with proposals of environmental projects they would like to see put into action – if they are selected for this program, together with 11 other Singaporeans they will join an environmental leadership camp in Singapore, and possibly an all expenses paid trip to Germany awaits them! 4 students from Singapore will be selected for the trip to Germany, which is there for the youths to gain exposure to wide number of environmental measures currently used by all levels of government and industry in Germany.

Find out more HERE.

Should you know any persons interested please do pass it on! The brochure can be attained through the website, and so is the application form available there. (: This seems like a really good opportunity for people passionately involved in environmental issues to channel their energies proactively.

So finally, the snow flurries have grown up and visited us, in time to make it for christmas, and yell with us when our exams are over. (: Now, its for the rain to stop, so we can head out and make snow angels (and devils). (:

Short update before exams hit: Today is E.C. Segar’s 115th birthday – which explains the google doodle above, and yes you guessed it right! He’s the cartoonist behind the mad genious of Popeye. (:

For some interesting trivia about Segar, click here. (:

On another note, theweathernetwork has reported impending winter storms travelling from the Great Lakes region to Southern Ontario. Snow’s gonna arrive finally!

The winds outside my window are howling like crazy right now. We’ve shut all windows and doors!

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