Posted on: November 29, 2009

Willard Wigan is a microsculptor, and where people want to be rid of lint, he is wont to collect and paint it to form his designs. He creates art pieces so tiny that they can fit in eyes of needles, and sells them together with a microscope so that the buyer can enjoy his magical wonder of a micropiece thoroughly.

One may be initially grossed out by the fact that he uses the hair of a housefly as his paintbrush, but more than that I am astounded by how talented and briliiant he is at this, seeing as he is self-taught.

“When you work at a microscopic level,” he says, “you have to control every part of your body movement — your fingertips, your joints, the pulse in your fingers. I slow down my breathing before any cut, which gives me one and a half seconds in between the heartbeat to make my incisions.” says Wigan.

Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he literally pulls the flagpole in the above picture out of thin air. “I got a piece of black plastic, waved it in the air and collected a dust fiber particle,” he says. “I put it underneath the microscope, grabbed one end and straightened it out. That became the flagpole.” The flag? It’s a miniscule plastic bag fragment, painted with crushed paint pigment.

And finally, my personal favourite:

Isn’t it just completely astounding? I could not stop wow-ing, honestly. Wigan started from a young age, making houses for ants because he thought they needed a place to live, even making shoes and hats for them at a time. Dyslexic and snubbed from young, this alternate microscopic world was his own refuge.

Well then, let not naysayers stop any of us from being our own sculptor. :D

– Image source: Wired.com


2 Responses to "Microsculpting"

nice. beautiful. amazing. awesome.

what a coincidence! i stumbled (thanks to StumbleUpon) across his site a couple of days ago! it’s really amazing isn’t it? doing everything in between heartbeats. such control.

and don’t worry, he does not kill houseflies for the sake of his art; he uses houseflies which die naturally. no idea how he establishes that, but yeah. :p

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