Last night there was a free tea tasting exhibition held by the Tea Culture Association, and if you knew me I am not a tea person.

However, ever since I drank Rooibos tea when I met up with B (a year ago?) as recommended by her, and the truckloads of ginger tea to help with mountain sickness in the Himalayas, I’ve been more tolerant towards the T family. Normally all I would take is the red milk tea that the bubble tea shops provide. Green tea is a definite no-no, and chinese tea is only barely tolerable for me.

But brown rice tea in Sushi on Bloor, rooibos tea from Joker’s Hill and this tea tasting exhibition surprised me because I was so infatuated with one of their teas.

In case you can’t see, it’s the a blend of green tea by this company called Tealish, and yes you read right. It’s green tea that I’m infatuated with. I have to say, that I never suspected it was green tea, until Lily told me so.

It was so infinitely fragrant, I couldn’t help myself in having two cups.

They also had blooming teas, that had a hint of seaweed smell in them which I quite enjoyed. Reminded me of japanese soups. Very interesting, because they had a dried piece of flower that they’d put in the pot, and it would ‘bloom’ in the hot water, hence the name. And then there was the Mount Everest White Tea, which wasn’t too tasty – and Nepal tea was positively bitter when swallowed in large gulps. Korean teas were syrupy, mostly coming from jars that looked like jam, and in flavours like Honey and Citron, Honey and Ginger, Honey and Plum, or Red Dates – you get the idea. Also had some kind of chai tea to save Evelyn from drinking it; it smelled like the spice Katie used in her pumpkin soup that I couldn’t get down during Thanksgiving dinner because there was too much of the spice.

I was tempted to buy the Tealish special blend of green tea, but I don’t have the necessary T equipment to make the tea, so its a no for me. Pity, because it really was very delicious.

2 Responses to "tealish"

Sweet? (:

Not so much sweet as it is fragrant! :D But yeah, nice tasting. :D

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