I will save money and go to Bhutan within the next five years! For about five to seven days. :D That would probably cost less than 2,000USD. Who’s with me! :D

And I just realised to go to Bhutan I have to take the flight from Bangkok or another place. Bhutan‘s so beautiful!


5 Responses to "Bhutan"

me me me me me me me me me me emememememmememememem!

wah… so many me’s coming along. :)

Can Sandy come along too??? :DD

let’s all go! (:

Sounds doable ;)

Bhutan is on my list of places to visit!

We better hurry! The kingdom “just” opened itself up. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like Nepal. Slave to Capitalism and hordes of tourists rushing into the country.

I understand the King has issued a proclamation that “Gross National Happiness” is more important than “Gross National Product”. =) Which is extremely good for the environment and culture but bad for the wallet!

I read that it costs US$200 (paid to the government due to its policies) a day to stay in Bhutan? Pricey stuff! =)

Haha yeah it’s so cool right? Gross National Happiness. At least one government has it right. It actually costs more now, and by the time we go it’ll probably be US$300 a day to stay – the important thing to note though is that with this money, everything is provide.

Transport, lodging, guide, food, etc. Everything! I CAN’T WAIT!!

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