browser war

Posted on: November 9, 2009

I’ve been having trouble uploading photographs to facebook, so I decided to give other browsers a try. After a bit of research (read: googling and rapid clicking and reading), I downloaded Opera.

Opera has this neat ‘Speed Dial’ system on a new tab that is opened for you to simply click (on any of the customisable squares that hold a webpage you frequently visit) and in you’ll go. Visually pleasing. It’s available on Firefox too, as the toolbar, but squares vs toolbar? Squares wins. And, I know, I know, all this isn’t new, but still. Makes me happy.

What’s also supremely easy with Opera is it’s download time, browsing time (extremely fast), and its intuitiveness. Need Java or Flash? Mine came equipped already with it. Want quirky widgets? A whole host of widgets easily downloadable (in double quick time too) and delete-able as and when you please. I’ve gotten a sketchpad and a To-do list for myself, as funky widgets that open when Opera is opened.

While Firefox also has a whole host of plugins (comparatively more, and more creative too), it’s refreshing for me to use a new browser. Also, practically no learning curve here for Opera, which is even more refreshing because Linux sometimes has a learning curve for installing things, or getting old products to work.

Here’s a screenshot:

That said, I gave it a final test with facebook uploading, and it FAILED. Miserably. So while I’m extremely happy with its performance, it looks like I’ll be trying out something else, and mebbe ridding myself of Opera soon. Goodbye fast browsing, I’m going to knock on someone else’s door now.

On another note, Scribefire (the blogging tool that comes as a plugin with Firefox) just had an update to Scribefire 3.4.6, and now allows me to drag images into the screen (like how Windows Live Writer) allowed me to! Right now, Scribefire props Windows Live Writer for me. Exact same functions, and this works on Linux too. Props!


15 minutes after I wrote that, I was busy firefoxing for addons, and finally gave in to downloading Personas – an appearance editing addon that is not only user-friendly, but intuitive. Coupled with the fact that there are thousands of browser designs to choose from, makes me very happy.

The other thing that caught my eye (shan’t try it now yet) is Cooliris. It’s a 3D photo viewing addon to Firefox that not only makes viewing photos, videos and the like easy, but also visually pleasing, and fast. This is all based on their marketing of course – but I generally trust developers like these, recommended by Firefox developers.


I remember NWQ telling me about RSS feeds, and up till now I have never stopped to try them. Always figured making my life too convenient wouldn’t work out for me, but I’ve decided to submerge myself in the gadget world now – so I downloaded Feedly, an RSS addon for Firefox.


As you can see, the green button beside the ‘home’ button brings me to Feedly home, where I can view all the RSS feeds from all my subscriptions (namely, all the blogs I visit). Some people’s blogs couldn’t, curiously enough, be added.

Haven’t yet figured out why. Anyhoo, that’s how it looks like. So I can choose for it to turn up in a digest format, macham magazine, and get a short summary or inkling of fellow blogger’s latest articles, and see if I want to read them.

It then scrolls all the way down and subsequently views each blogger in a neat, photo-grid + title summary way. Very handy.


I know I’ve been talking a lot about Firefox now in this entry – and so I can’t miss this one out: It’s Firefox’s 5th birthday! And apparently they’ve surpassed IE in the market share now, for the first time:


Congratulations Firefox! Well don’t get complacent now, so fix that facebook uploader problem asap!


7 Responses to "browser war"

you sound like magazine. i feel like im reading those kind of mag writing about the pros and cons of sth. whee. the tone and all (: whee.

haha! :D entirely unintentional, but cool!

[…] On another note, Scribefire (the blogging tool that comes as a plugin with Firefox) just had an update to Scribefire 3.4.6, and now allows me to drag images into the screen (like how Windows Live Writer) allowed me to! … miscellaneousbluetinges: HAHAHA. nopes you didn’t tell me that! but haha interesting! i have a theory that sesame street was a morbid production, but that’s just me. like nurs; amii: yaa i stumbled upon the sesame street google thingymajig a couple of …More […]

hm i have the same problem with uploading fb photos on firefox. actually, it’s anything requiring Java. for me at least. even after updates and whatnots.

try Google Chrome? i’ve been using it for facebook-ing, and it’s really fast and responsive.. comparable to Opera. havent made a complete switch though, cos i love all my add-ons on firefox too much (Personas is great isnt it?! :D). Chrome is still relatively new, but i’m pretty sure there’ll be more add-ons in the near future :)

Hmm good call, I heard it’s good too. Google Chrome isn’t supported for Linux yet, but there’s a Chrome version that developers have produced, called Chromium. Plus there are lots of other browsers out there, so I might try another one soon. Any other recommendations? Oh and what other addons do you use for Firefox? :D

Ah forgot you’re using Linux. I don’t know of any other browsers, sorry!

Some other addons I use:

– StumbleUpon. I love love love this. I stumble upon so many interesting sites which I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Also, it’s a good procrastination tool :p

– Echofon. For my Twitter updates. (btw, are you on Twitter??)

– Read It Later. Saves pages which are of one-time interest, but no time to read at that moment. Doesn’t clutter up your Bookmarks.

– AdBlock. To block all those annoying ads on some websites which slows down the loading time.

and of course, my ultimate fave..

– LeechBlock. To block/limit access to user-defined websites so that I won’t spend ages on the internet when I should be studying (eg. facebook and youtube). Works wonders! ;)

Cool stuff! Yeah I thought of adding StumbleUpon, but I might be even more distracted haha. Probably will add it soon though.

I’m not on Twitter! Been resisting it. Haha.

LeechBlock sounds hilariously applicable. :D

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