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Posted on: November 8, 2009

I suppose it’s high time I showed this! X marks my home, at 666 Spadina Avenue. As you can see, crossing one major road will bring me to University of Toronto. The place we eat at most often is at Koreatown, down Bloor St W, and we also visit Chinatown to buy groceries.

Downtown Toronto is a city area, and it’s at Queen St W area, a straight road south from our house. There’s also a Harbourfront here, near the bottom and that’s where exhibitions are, ferries etc. Even further south (not on map) are the Toronto Islands. We haven’t been there yet.

Most places in North America are divided up into blocks – so that’s why in books or films they say “Walk three blocks south to get to (said destination)”.

On another note, Google has been celebrating Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary!


And while googling, I also came across the celebration of 20th anniversary of Wallace and Gromit by google uk:

Love it love it love it!



2 Responses to "google maps"

yaa i stumbled upon the sesame street google thingymajig a couple of days ago and it made my day/week! i <3 sesame street!

not sure if i told you this, but i have a theory that among our peers, those who watched sesame street as kids end up being smarter. ha, ha.

HAHAHA. nopes you didn’t tell me that! but haha interesting! i have a theory that sesame street was a morbid production, but that’s just me. like nursery rhymes. haha.

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