cloudless blue

Posted on: November 8, 2009

It’s such a beautiful day today! Omg it’s just sunny and no clouds and I love this.

That said, it’s sad to think that I have this amount of work to do that I would be missing out on this. Hmm. Shan’t. Think I’ll go walk around today. Not many days are like this! (:


I’m choosing the topic of police in the film Slumdog Millionaire as the topic for my essay. Our job is to do a media critique of the film, by choosing scenes or a theme and contrasting it with academia, to see if the film has done an adequate job representing that said theme.

What do you think [of police in India]? As shown directly in the film, of course.

Lemme know!


Last night we went for chicken wings and ribs at St. Louis just round the corner, and while Chingy, Talia and Krystal couldn’t make it, Sarah, Karen, Annie, Lily, Evelyn, Desmond and I enjoyed the spoils. And ogled at a national hockey league game (between Canada and the US) and national basketball association game. And laughed. A lot. Delicious food (but wayyy expensive) and lots of laughter konked me out for the rest of the night. Good way to konk out. (: First time I had ribs in more than five years I’d think! Never really had ribs even before I was vegetarian. (:


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