walking on sunshine

Posted on: November 6, 2009

So I’m deciding to be a little more hardworking now. I’m going to do all the recommended and required readings for my economics class, and after I’ve counted them, its in total 27 articles and 18 books to read.

Half of which I am currently unable to find on the web. How am I supposed to get all these obscure journals?! Heh. I’ll probably ask my professor for them. Meanwhile, more readings are jumping out at me from community ecology’s class.

And then there’s the Slumdog essay for anthropology class, and anthro’s readings + economics major paper to write (6000 words). Added to the fish lab essay and the ecosystem health essay, that’ll be four major essays to write. I kinda finished one for econs class which is a smaller essay and I just need to tinker around abit with it.

For now though, I think it’s off to bed for a nap.

The sun has been setting at 5pm, and it’s getting depressing. I am a person from the tropics who needs the sun. Ohwell.

At least the weather today is good. (: Blue skies and golden rays perk me up any day. Think that’s what I need minimum in my life to stay sane. (:


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