another pot and a host of stuff

Posted on: November 3, 2009

So a couple of days ago, as the chinchongtuan were preparing to go out to tour the shops of Kensington, I had taken the lift down earlier to pay the rent for the month of November, when I was asked to help jaga some stuff (jaga in Singlish means “look after”).

This Iranian middle aged guy had several bags full of miscellaneous stuff on the floor near the back door, and he was by himself. I obliged, and he also asked me to open the door for him, for he had returned his access card to the landlady, as he was moving out. Moving out? I thought. That means this stuff is free?

So he left to bring the first two bags of stuff to the dumpster, where most people roam about who want to collect free things. I peeped into several of the bags, and saw the sign he wrote “Help yourself, it’s free”. He came back, and saw me eyeing the bag with food stuff and hangers, and after I helped him move his tv cabinet out, he thanked me as I took the stuff.

We ended up very happily with a pot (which is what we need, coincidentally), a mixing bowl, several cups, some tupperware, a casserole dish and a whole host of food seasonings (pepper, herbs, oil, sugar, salt, etc). Very happy indeed! I must say the best part was the pot. I could forgo everything else, if I could just have the pot. It has then been put happily to work on the stove, making our lives much more convenient, because we now have two pots between the three of us.

It was too bad that I didn’t get his name. He seemed like a nice guy – he was going to Sweden to do his PhD in geology, having done his post-grad studies here in Toronto. I wish him all the best! May he have great contributions in science. (:

I’m fond of grad students, I am. (:

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