family over here

Posted on: October 24, 2009

In the nights, when all I can hear is the soft howling of the wind outside the balcony window, and it’s peaceful where everyone is doing their own thing, I place some music on (preferably piano pieces) and everything seems in place. We seem one with the world and the world is our oyster, you know what I mean? (:

The idiosyncrasies of my housemates that make them my family over here are so cute and make me smile.

Desmond occasionally whips out his electronic shaver and bzzzes away nonchalantly while watching House or Hereos; Evelyn grins to herself while watching backlogs of Grey’s Anatomy; someone in the kitchen banging on pots and pans and the smell of fried onions and delicious food fills the air; the shrill sound of shower water running through the pipes reverberating through the house; Desmond always saying “IT’S COLD” and Evelyn always saying “Wear something thicker!”; our very occasional movie nights with 99c potato chips from Honest Ed’s; shopping together at Metro and oggling at disgustingly low prices (or high); everyone rushing to get out of the house to get to class quickly, and how we wait for each other.

We don’t do dinners together at the table that often anymore, but it still feels good. It feels good to not be alone.


and I terribly miss people sometimes, and I wish so much for them to be here, I wish so much that I could live with them too, and sometimes I pause in the rhythm of daily life and think to myself how all of this, all of this happening to me right here, how it’s so surreal that I can’t explain it to my brain – that one day I was in sunny ‘ol Singapore and the next I’m in cold windy Toronto, watching orange-red leaves bungee from trees, getting swept up by the winds that bring them to my feet, where sparrows play and I feed them crumbs to eat. And I always think to myself, this is it. This, is it.

I just spoke to my nature gang family and I’m so happy to be able to see them! Kudos to Kimmy and Evelyn for making that possible. (: This is it people.


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