cajun catfish and fries

Posted on: October 24, 2009

I scalded my finger today when it touched the pan I was cooking rice in :( my favourite dish bit me in the finger!

This was what I was cooking. Spanish rice with vermicelli, onions and carrots, omelette (I wanted to try omu-rice for a moment but I didn’t want to spread the egg too thinly) and cajun catfish (from metro).

And the other day I tried my hand at fries:

Pretty good! But I have to wait so long for them, and use much more oil, that I’m probably not going to do it again. Now I have marinated chicken wings in the oven, slowly baking to deliciousness. (:

Karen and I are going over to Krystal’s in a moment, and eat dinner and watch movie together. Probably gonna go buy the flourless chocolate cake from the gelato place round the block too. :D

And, this is how it looks like outside my balcony now. It’s raining though, so Robarts (the big building) is crying and the skies are not happy.


2 Responses to "cajun catfish and fries"

TUAN! the claypot stall at science closed down!!!
no more sharing toufu and egg!!! :(:(:(:(:( WHINESSSSSSS

Siva says its replaced by a indonesian stall now! -BAWLS

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