i am such a biologist.

Posted on: October 20, 2009

I just applied for a work-study position at the Thomas lab in UofT to research on a vertical gradient of arthropods and carbon fluxes in a forest.

My heart is racing now! I just read it, wanted it, wrote the email, sent it in, and here I am, all hyped up and OMG I need to tell someone.


What do I love in biology? What am I interested in studying? What do I see my future being spent on, in a career of biology?

I am interested in many things. I have this natural curiosity, this inquisitive nature about me that questions and challenges notions, wants to figure out how things work, and while accepting many things, also pushes the boundaries of many things.

In biology, I am interested in broad themes. Conceptual stuff. Theories that lead to practical development of studying and understanding complex systems, that can be eventually applied in real life. That’s the broad strokes of what I want to do, what I want to be brilliant at.

I am interested in parasitism. In arthropodology (organisms with jointed legs). In behavioural ecology. It’s very simple, you see. All three of them can overlap at some point to produce a parasitic arthropod whose behaviour I study because of some importance it has in interactions with other organisms. I am interested in spiders, and in predators, because I think predators have a huge influence on a system, and spiders? Just because I like them.

I chose animals over plants. But that doesn’t mean plants are out of my life. Everything is interconnected, you see. So if my animal system requires me to study plants because of its impact, then I will study plants. But what do I care about? I care about the animal system. I care also, about equilibriums and the balance; coz that’s what I believe works in nature. There are equilibriums, and balances, and things work in feedback cycles, things are cyclical in nature, and something is always a resource for something else.

I do biology because I find it beautiful, fascinating, extremely intricate, delicate yet resilient and above all, educational – it teaches me about living and life, and everything in between. (:


3 Responses to "i am such a biologist."

Hope you get the position, Mindy! *fingers crossed* =)

Thanks NWQ! (: She wrote back saying she’ll check with her supervisor and that she’d love to have me on the team! :D -toes crossed.

update on the good news! (haha see the assumption here?) GRINNS.

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