There was a booksale yesterday at University College, and you know how much I love books right? I kinda went crazy at the sale, because there were so many good books on history and politics and science and nature and philosophy and religion and more, and I stopped myself because I didn’t want to spend that much money (even though it was SO CHEAP for those books) and I wouldn’t know what to do with them after I was done. So I saw it as a chance to push my education at a small monetary expense – and I brought home three books.

Three texts, one on anthropology, one on sociology and one on consumer behaviour. I have on my desk now, those three texts, in addition to a text on microeconomics (that I got for a dollar), and a text one international economics (that I koped from the laundry room downstairs). A book on the science and politics of environmental management sits there as well, bought for a dollar. I have two books touching on philosophy – Sophie’s World, and Orthodoxy (which also touches on religion, given to me by Chrystella). I have a book on intelligence, that I got for 4 bucks at the UofT bookstore. Two travel guidebooks that I brought from Singapore, kindly provided for by Anne from NUS, on Toronto and Canada, also sit on my desk. My ecology textbook by Molles is there too, and my biostatistics text is in the cupboard, also from NUS. Three of my course texts sit leaning against the wall (Anthropology of Contemporary Worlds, Environmental Biology and the Power of Economics), and one book is in my room by the bed: The Ecology of Commerce, that I got by Union Station for 7 bucks. The Tipping Point is also by my bed, waiting to be read, and I got that for 5 bucks. The last book I have on my desk undescribed is Alice in Wonderland (the Annotated readings), which has been wonderful for me in revisiting my imagination and childhood.

I am a book collector, and in this world of cheap books, I have gone crazy. Disregarding the books I brought here, I have spent a total of $35 on 8 books, got one for free, and brought 7 books from Singapore. I am a book collector. Now remind me to read them. Because I have been reading them in an alternating manner, and it’s amusing to me. (: I hope I don’t return with poorer eyesight. Haha.

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