if linux programmed football, it’d probably be much better.

Posted on: October 19, 2009

this made me laugh out loud. (:


daddy is so cute. every time i call home, he talks science talk to me – everything he learned from the national geographic channel he scoops from malaysia’s channels, because we don’t have cable back home.

a few days ago, he told me about the yellow jackets, and honeybees. (: he always starts off with: “do you know ___ ?” or “have you heard of ___?” (insert blank with particular organism or phenomenon).

i love it. (:


This picture sums up the [ UofT vs Waterloo ] Ontario university homecoming football game yesterday: UofT tried hard, but Waterloo was the one that caught the ball – and scored.

We lost 7 – 30 on home soil, how pathetic is that?

And this picture sums up what American football is for me – it’s a mess of tangled bodies, and in good ‘ol Singaporean fashion, “I catch no ball”. (:


On another note, this is what made me very happy for dinner today (: Smoked turkey ham sandwich with fabulously lightly fried pepper oregano egg, with lettuce, tomato, polish cheese and onions, all on whole wheat fresh baked bread – not to mention the delish seedless cucumber on the side. (: Beautiful.


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