gymming and aching

Posted on: October 17, 2009

I went to the gym yesterday evening with Desmond, and it was so SHIOK. Felt so good working and pushing the muscles – also tried new equipment I had never used before, with help from him. Annie was supposed to join us, but a Pakistani restaurant trip came up and I urged her to go ahead with that – gym is always there (:

Perhaps something interesting you might not know about American/Canadian gyms is that what we call gyms in Singapore are not what they call gyms here.

Gyms here are for gymnastics, for sports like volleyball and just simply a big area for you to run around in that is like an indoor court. It’s like the MPSH6 in NUS. What do they call what we call gym? It’s the weights room. What about track? It’s called the field room.

I did rowing too, for the first time, and felt like my arms should start aching about now. But they’re not aching yet.

And I actually like the ‘sour’ feeling people get from working their muscles. I don’t like the aches, but I like the stretch of a muscle. I also like the feeling of bruises – not that I like to get them, but when I have them, it’s not something that I hate feeling. It makes me feel alive. Like, alive enough to get them, you know? Cuts and lacerations though, I’m not a fan of those.

So I bathed for the first time in the athletic centre’s women’s locker, and going into the locker room, there are A TONNE of lockers inside, with (I don’t know about the men’s) A MILLION MIRRORS. Okay, I know women like to have mirrors to themselves, and they like to look at themselves in mirrors, but wah. There really is a lot. I kind of got disoriented inside because the mirrors made it look like it had extra walkways.

The bathing room, has open and closed showers, open numbering more. And more people bath open. Quite an eye-opener, if you know what I mean. Anyway. I shall make this a routine of mine. To go to the gym to work out, and on other alternate days, jog. (: Gives me something else to do apart from staying indoors and making my butt ache or walking outside and feeling like my nose will get frostbite soon.

It’s going to snow soon!


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