I got to talk about what’s close to my heart in economics class last day, and its about how people forget about their power.

People have power. No, not superhero kinds of powers.

Each person has the power to choose, has the power to influence, and has the power to take action (and inaction is, a form of action in itself. trite, i know, but it never can be overemphasized).

People are forgetting, nowadays, that we should be governors of our government. We are proctors of our government systems, we are the watchers of our mega-corporations, and we choose them, time and time again, and most of the time we do our choosing unconsciously. It is as if we had somehow, during industrialisation and the almost-global move towards “modern” times, entered a dreamworld where some people in the world became a million times richer in currency, and many more became poorer in many other ways.

We in democratic systems elect our governments, and we should choose them on the basis of their deliverance to protect us, from all else and for our good, whether we know it or not. We as consumers choose the corporations we purchase from to support, and it is they who should be privileged to have us buy from them, and not us who feel honoured to have them based in our country to allow us to buy their goods.

It’s gone all backwards now, and who started all of this? I don’t even know where to begin to look at the reason why most people think in this way.


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