frenching, the Montreal way :b

Posted on: October 16, 2009

What do people in Montreal do? :D

Well, they eat good food, hang out in quaint towns, roam the old buildings of yonder and..

they race!

And what do tourists in Montreal do when on a holiday to take a break from school that actually ends up giving them more work to do afterwards?

They go crazy! :D

Us trying to do the Beatles walk. Fail.

We kiss frogs. Okay not all of us. I refused to.

We go gaga over type-1 vans, and teleport back to the 70s, sans bell-bottoms or sparkly outfits (thank goodness).

We go F1 racing, on the F1 track (envious, are you? :D)

And do some racing of our own (:

We go gaga over smoked meat sandwiches prepared by a tradition carried on for 80 years :D

Much to the wonder of the chefs… who might suspect they put too much mustard, looking at the way we were happily munching.

We start taking photos with imaginary animals, and start pretending like we are one – this is for you, Kimmy!

And paint the town red with our entrance, so much so that the plants are bowled over. :D No lah, this was to show how strong the bloody cold wind was. Haha!

We get amazed by the funniest art installations by the roads.. this is for Louis Pasteur, apparently.

We lie on the grass, grass that we wouldn’t have laid on back in Singapore..

And go to church.. got’cha! This is a tour by a guide in the chapel behind the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. (:

And this is the actual front view of the church. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Yeah we had to jostle past this crowd to get in. And pay five bucks too.

We roam the streets of Montreal endlessly and aimlessly..

Visiting crazy second hand shops, and digging through piles of forgotten clothes to find treasures..

Find squirrels in trashcans, and..

find that our biologist selves cannot be separated from our selves..

Compare between modes of transport: class 11 licence to walk, horse carriage like the good ‘ol days, or modern polluting tin can on wheels?

Or mebbe rail, like how we went to Niagara Falls?

Mebbe sometimes we should think about alternative forms of transport..

We fall in love all over again with autumnal colours…

And finally go back home to Hostel Chez Jean at the end of every day. (:

And when it’s time to go, we’ll miss so many things about this beautiful place. The cobblestone streets, the quaint town with quaint people speaking french in such a quaint way, riding quaint little horse carriages and serving quaint food..

When it’s time to go back, sometimes there’s no proper way to say goodbye.

I really liked Montreal. (:


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