spenditure overture

Posted on: October 14, 2009

There’s the frost warning again! Except this time they don’t tell us that it’s for the overnight! So it’s 8am right now, and it actually is the warmest it’s been in this house. Probably coz of the heating. (: It’s sunny today though, so it’s happiness all around!

So I finished my essay last night, and got a good sleep (: although it still means I didn’t want to get out of bed. Have got the the anthropology quiz tonight, not looking forward to that one actually. Feel like I’d be much better off just attending class, than actually taking it as a course. Shrugs. Boon and bane of studying eh, it’s no big deal. I should ace this one, and the essay, and then focus more on my sciences.

Listening to the Once OST now, it’s great! Watched Once with Karen in Montreal, just as a random night activity. It’s a beautiful show, really. I want it. Wish I could do a critique on that one in film class.

Expect Montreal photos soon kays! If they don’t pop up soon nudge me or something. I’ll be starting on my anthropology essay this weekend, and my economics reading log and presentation as well. Still though, photo-sorting should be my activity for break periods. (:

Speaking of which, I miss the boy. (: Just thought I’d say.

And, I finally set aside money to buy yoghurt, and added it to my muesli in the mornings. DELISH. (: I want orange juice though. That I miss. Hmm. I don’t know what food to pack for Wednesdays, I always don’t know what to do for Wednesdays. What happens is that I have class from 10-11am, and then from 1pm-3pm, and 4pm-8pm. Five classes in total, and only those breaks, which are fine, except for the last one where I don’t get a break for dinner. So that’s the one I’m in a fix about. I’ve eaten granola bars for dinner before, and somehow though it should be enough for my stomach, it never is. Think it’s psychological.

Btw, did I mention that I didn’t get the arcteryx/mammut jacket in the end? The main shop was too expensive, and I decided to just wait it out till I buay-tahan and then get one. Hopefully it won’t come to that point lah, and I won’t even have to spend in the first place. (: I’ll have you know that of the 2 months spent here, with 2 trips (Niagara Falls and Montreal), moving in and buying of furniture, course texts etc, I have only spent $2.7CAD. (: The rate of spenditure should go down each day for the next few months, but the travelling should balance it out. I’ll be within budget at this rate! :D I’m a happy turtle.


2 Responses to "spenditure overture"

HAHA “BUAY TAHAN” coming from TORONTO! i’d have tot u are washed clean of those! hahaha.

and the girls miss you la, just thought i’d say (:

HAHA HUGS. (: it’s good to hear that, you know. beams. And I would never be washed clean of singlish, you know that. I love singlish, and if anything, I’m missing it. Thankfully, not missing it as much as when I was in Borneo, because that means I get to speak singlish here, hence the not-missing part (:

I miss you guys too. Miss having you guys round the corner. (: Be my messenger this time! :D

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