frosted hamsters

Posted on: October 14, 2009

There’s a frost warning tonight for the city of Toronto! This entire week will see the lowest temperatures we’ve had, and it seems like the whole of Canada is moving slowly into the fridge.

I have now officially taken out the winter jacket mom gave me, makes me look like a poofed brown hamster, but if it keeps me warm, that’s what I’m wearing. (:

Got to finish up my essay tonight, hand it in to turnitin, print it, read my anthro book for quiz tomorrow, finish community lab 4 for thursday, and I’m done for the week.

It’s a rush I’m feeling..


2 Responses to "frosted hamsters"


i feel the cold and the rush here too. heart cold and adrenaline rush. =|

girl, -hugs- tkcare there! (:

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