nanosphere of fleece

Posted on: October 10, 2009

It was raining and raining yesterday, and the sky was about as grey as the buildings around us. Montreal is a beautiful city! And it’d be even more so if the blue skies would show. Haha. That rhymed.

Look at the weather forecast for today. There’s snow already in some parts of Canada, and the north regions are hitting minus degrees already. Brrr. It seems the clouds are favouring us for the Thanksgiving weekend, and that’s not too good for biking, or outdoor photo-taking, or generally walking around the city.

Shall remember my umbrella today, yesterday was walking around in Goretex.

On that note, I want to get myself an fine, good quality jacket. The kind you can do outdoor sports or go-on-field-trips-and-wear kind Should I wait to get back to Singapore and splurge for my $600 Mammut jacket (nanosphere, water doesn’t even stay on it it flows off, its not just waterproof, its HYDROPHOBIC – plus it’s probably now less than $600), or spend roughly $200 SGD on an Arcteryx softshell, fleece insulated, wind-resistant or moisture shedding (whatever that’s supposed to mean) hoodie or jacket? I mean, the plus is that I know I really want the nanosphere jacket. I would get it the first moment I have my paycheck. The plus over here though, is that if I buy it now, it’d most likely save me from the “Brr” winters over here. Coz looking at what I’ve brought with me, and how the weather is going to be like? Seriously don’t think its enough. Rofl.


2 Responses to "nanosphere of fleece"

yes, you need a good jacket and a inner layer too! I got my mammut jacket for 140ish it was 250+. YAY for sales.

NICE ONE. i went to the arcteryx shop today, the main shop is SO EXPENSIVE. all upwards of $300CAD. so beautifully crafted though. i think i might get one, but no more time in montreal to shop for one. they close earlier on sundays. so if i need to i’ll get one in toronto. (: mammut versus arcteryx? that’s war man.

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