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Irony is:

A Singaporean exchange student being asked to be a note-taker in class, for accessibility services (to provide notes for disabled students).

Me needing to do things for people when they should be doing it themselves and when what they’re doing is for me, and something they need to do anyway.

The people closest to you not even knowing what’s going on to you.

The last part is also density.

I’m not being sarcastic. I’m not asking to be pitied. Don’t. I’m just saying, this is what I call irony.



You turn 27 years old on the 27th of October, the same year I turned 22 on the 22nd of January. Beams. It’s our year (: And its your day.

And we take so few photographs together it’s almost absurd to believe, because I’m a photographer and you have a history with photography. (: But thanks to THQ, there’s a photo of us that I didn’t even know existed.


and, in old mutts fashion, go spread love. (:


It was very humbling to read Thaddeus’ blog http://www.dreamscomealive.com/, on his doing the Sahara desert trek: a trek over the desert for seven days spanning 250 kilometers, to raise money for the ST school pocket money fund. Even more humbling was to read about his past adventures, an entire list of climbing, volunteering, marathoning and raising money achievements and experiences.

Makes me wonder what I’ve contributed to this world. Makes me think about what I’ve given. And it really makes me want to get out there right now on one hand, and yet it fuels me on to educate myself even further so that I am equipped to do what I want/need to do.

So humbling..

Also makes me think about speeding up the set up of the new idea I have for a blog..

I scalded my finger today when it touched the pan I was cooking rice in :( my favourite dish bit me in the finger!

This was what I was cooking. Spanish rice with vermicelli, onions and carrots, omelette (I wanted to try omu-rice for a moment but I didn’t want to spread the egg too thinly) and cajun catfish (from metro).

And the other day I tried my hand at fries:

Pretty good! But I have to wait so long for them, and use much more oil, that I’m probably not going to do it again. Now I have marinated chicken wings in the oven, slowly baking to deliciousness. (:

Karen and I are going over to Krystal’s in a moment, and eat dinner and watch movie together. Probably gonna go buy the flourless chocolate cake from the gelato place round the block too. :D

And, this is how it looks like outside my balcony now. It’s raining though, so Robarts (the big building) is crying and the skies are not happy.

In the nights, when all I can hear is the soft howling of the wind outside the balcony window, and it’s peaceful where everyone is doing their own thing, I place some music on (preferably piano pieces) and everything seems in place. We seem one with the world and the world is our oyster, you know what I mean? (:

The idiosyncrasies of my housemates that make them my family over here are so cute and make me smile.

Desmond occasionally whips out his electronic shaver and bzzzes away nonchalantly while watching House or Hereos; Evelyn grins to herself while watching backlogs of Grey’s Anatomy; someone in the kitchen banging on pots and pans and the smell of fried onions and delicious food fills the air; the shrill sound of shower water running through the pipes reverberating through the house; Desmond always saying “IT’S COLD” and Evelyn always saying “Wear something thicker!”; our very occasional movie nights with 99c potato chips from Honest Ed’s; shopping together at Metro and oggling at disgustingly low prices (or high); everyone rushing to get out of the house to get to class quickly, and how we wait for each other.

We don’t do dinners together at the table that often anymore, but it still feels good. It feels good to not be alone.


and I terribly miss people sometimes, and I wish so much for them to be here, I wish so much that I could live with them too, and sometimes I pause in the rhythm of daily life and think to myself how all of this, all of this happening to me right here, how it’s so surreal that I can’t explain it to my brain – that one day I was in sunny ‘ol Singapore and the next I’m in cold windy Toronto, watching orange-red leaves bungee from trees, getting swept up by the winds that bring them to my feet, where sparrows play and I feed them crumbs to eat. And I always think to myself, this is it. This, is it.

I just spoke to my nature gang family and I’m so happy to be able to see them! Kudos to Kimmy and Evelyn for making that possible. (: This is it people.

I know I write about the gym a lot. I like working out. What I wanted to write about yesterday, initially, I had forgotten – but now I remember. It’s about pain.

Athletes and people who work out at the gym, they all share something in common – that’s the pain. People who push themselves to the limit and beyond, who grapple with how human we are because we’re limited and feel pain by doing repetitions of workouts, just one more pound to add on, just one more round to run. It’s the push on through the pain to another set, to another ten minutes, to another machine, that we share.

We’re all hooked on pushing ourselves. (:

It feels so good to work out. (: Makes me happy (: And then I take a bite of chocolate afterwards, and there you have it. Heaven. (:

I went to the silviculture lab earlier to meet Jessica Stokes, student of the Thomas Lab in UofT for my interview. She’s recruiting volunteers and paid helpers to help out with her project. Disappointingly, the job didn’t require any sampling in the canopy – but processing of the samples instead. So no, I wasn’t going to any hardwood forests to help her, I was going to the lab to help her. And yes, I got the ‘job’! Yayys! (:

So I’m giving her 6 hours a week tentatively on Mondays and Tuesdays, and we’ll see how it goes from there. Also told her I would be going for holidays here and there, and its good that we’re all communicating on our expectations both on her side and mine. Excited!

Hopefully I’ll get to use the scanning electromicroscope (to even see one would be a bonus!) and some other cool equipment. Her project lasts till March, and it’s on the mites that live on sugar-maple trees, that cause the growth of galls (picture below). Vertical mite diversity in temperate hardwood forests. Cool huh? :D I’m really happy I’m getting myself involved in something now at least!

On another note, I just came back from watching Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo show at Lakeshore near the waterfront in Toronto! IT’S SO GOOD. No, seriously? If Cirque comes to Singapore again, I am buying tickets. Let me know if you’re in. (: And Alegria, the last show they had in Singapore, was supposedly really really really good.

This show was on insects (if you look closely at the figures you can see grasshoppers and spiders) and the egg (ovo) – AND IT’S SO COOL, some of the ideas they use and how they execute it out. If you catch this show, look out for the last bit, which is my favourite by far. Trampolines. Oh. My. Gosh. THE best part EVER. Also, tightrope guy was a favourite among the audiences – he’s the absolute muscle man, man. (:

And I find it really amusing that even the shows I go to have insects in them. Entomology man, that’s the way to go. (:

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