warm the house of chinchongtuan!

Posted on: September 27, 2009

The housewarming party yesterday was such a blast! First the chinchongtuan had a mini movie session the night before, watching hard candy – which, by the way, is pretty disturbing. A very good, but disturbing film. Ellen Page is as usual, brilliant in the movie.

And then it was shopping at Chinatown to get groceries for the party and for 1-2 weeks! Bought a whole list of things, and while we were there (chong had the idea already but I didn’t know) we decided to do a Singaporean dinner theme!

Laksa, Chicken curry, sambal Kang Kong and Ba Chor Mee was in order! Off we scuttled around the shop to get beansprouts, fish, prawn, kangkong, coconut cream, etc. When we left the place, the empty bags we brought to the shop to carry groceries was FILLED. :D happiness!

Look at how happy our fridge looks! That’s Sarah giving her stamp of approval. :D

Then it was off to cook. Chong was chef 1 and Chin was chef 2, and I was the floating chef-photographer-social butterfly.

We had so much food! By the time everyone had arrived and we were serving food out, it was really evident that there was too much food. We didn’t even cook laksa, just meepok noodles with sambal kong kong (omg happiness) and curry chicken. Lily, Annie and Karen very graciously bought flowers for our apartment! So now there’s a beautiful bunch of flowers sitting on my desk. It’s such a happy pot!

Karen brought her speakers, and Karen and Krystal baked cookies (coffee and chocolate chip!); Annie and Lily brought Singapore desserts (chendol) and egg tarts (omg egg tarts!); Sarah, Talia, Krystal and Alicja brought wine wine and more wine and vodka! It was so much fun dancing randomly to music, shouting lyrics to a song, telling funny stories of breaking bones or breaking other people’s bones – I am so glad we finally had the party!

Here’s to Ivana, Becca, Katie, Daniel, Shweta, Rosanna and Chingy for not being to make it. Come for Halloween alright! Look at us the crazy bunch:

On a side note, my webcam is not working still, and even the headset doesn’t work anymore. Upsetting. I am really upset its not even funny anymore. And I’m frustrated with trying to find out how to do this with the stress of having to find out fast or risk disappointing people. Sigh.

On another, much happier side note – WE HAVE BOOKED BUS TICKETS TO MONTREAL!!! AND HOSTEL TOO. OMG OMG I am so excited! We’ll be there for three days, excluding travel time. WAY TO GO MAN! (:


2 Responses to "warm the house of chinchongtuan!"

hard candy is damn awesome! i always recommend my guy friends to watch it. and they always wonder why. and hate me after!

hahah food is looking good mindy. miss u lots

big grins i love the food! oh man i miss you too. wish you were here to see all of this

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