Posted on: September 25, 2009

WE HAD JAP FOOD TODAY AND I AM DAMN HAPPY. (: Salmon makes me happy. Our shared side order of salmon dragon roll looked abit like this:

Finally fixed up the printer with my linux baby, and now I have to figure out how to configure my webcam to fit with the skype (coz its not automatic here with linux as it is with windows). So I wrote it into fb and it’s quite upsetting how people judge – I’m a new user, I don’t know how to figure out commands so well as yet, and if I’m happy I got my printer working with the ubuntu system, judge me in your head and don’t leave it as a fb comment. Sigh. I actually respected you. Shrugs.

I find I have been disappointed by many things here – mind you, not that they needed to upkeep a certain image – and so I have decided I may need to lower my expectations of this city and its people. That’s just the way it is eh? Standards are still way up there, of course. Expectations are however, on their way to adjustment now.

Met with Talia after the talk at the ISC in the evening (yay!) – which, by the way, was disappointing^ – and had a good time talking with her, and after showing her my book (The Ecology of Commerce) and talking about life, environmental attitudes and other issues, we walked to the bookstore on Bloor to look for books.

That’s how I got The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell) – and for real cheap too! 4.99 CAD without tax. amazing huh. So finally I’m getting down to reading this book. I want to read two of his other books, and the undercover economist, and finish The Genius Within (which I started reading a long time ago but I borrowed it and I cldn’t finish it fast enough so it’s still not finished), and read the economic naturalist (selling 6.99 at the store), and freakonomics.. and a whole list of others.

So plans for the weekend have been made.

We’re finally holding our housewarming party this Sat evening, and invited all the joker’s hill people. Hopefully many turn up, if not all. Just got a reply from Ivana that she can’t make it. Hope Becca can come too! Karen and Esther might stay over, and we’ll plan for Montreal’s trip in October that night. Got buses and hostels to book, and places to find to see. Yayyness! Sunday we’re going to have EstherL as our tourguide to Centre Island (one of the Toronto Islands)! Probably play abit of frisbee too. (: And then, book festival afterwards! Sounds pretty interesting.

^ The talk was on “Psychological barriers to Climate Change”, one of the many talks held this week for Environment Week. President of Science for Peace organisation is a psychoanalyst and she didn’t really answer what I had in mind, I suppose. Just really said what was obvious and didn’t address the issues, I felt. Bad speaker too. Too many people are bad speakers. Sigh.

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