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Posted on: September 25, 2009

It’s sunny again today! The sun has come out and chased all the bugs away :D While I’m up early I thought I’d just test the system in putting up many photos. Food time!

Cod fillet on the left, delish spaghetti with various ingredients on the right. See next picture.

Snow peas! :D Various mushrooms, carrots, etc. Yayy!

Beautiful! Anything with rice rocks now. This is wild herb rice (courtesy of Lipton’s sidesnacks), stir fried tofu with tomato-cheese omelette, and salsa sauce on the side.

Fuscilli with spinach! Omg I love spinach. It’s damn expensive here though.

Stir-fried potato pieces (self-made) on top of cheese omelette, with salmon-crab mushroom tomato side. :D


I may not look like it, being caught in Karen’s bright flash as she borrowed Dante to use again, but I am DAMN happy with my RICE. (:

This is my stash in the kitchen. Granola bars and muesli rock the house! Nutty eh. I mean, the on-sale price tags on these items helped too.

Random photo depicting the mad preparation for the essay. Ended up writing 2942 words – word range was 2500 to 3500 words. Was insane though, I thought it’d never end. Thank goodness this is the longest essay I have to write in this semester, and it’s OVER. (:

So, after this test, I conclude that ScribeFire’s not very good with photos. Or at least, the uploading was such a hassle compared to Windows Live Writer’s ease of use. WLW spoilt me lah. With SF, I have to manually open the browser to insert photo, and when its inserted its too big, makes the program lag, and I have to manually make it a smaller size, but too many photos makes the system lag. Typing speed becomes stunted. Oh well.

On the other hand, GIMP as a photo editor is pretty intriguing. Getting a little bit used to it. Know how to do certain things intuitively already, just puzzled there doesn’t seem to be an option to resize photos. I think though that’s what I have to do from now on for SF. Resize before placing it in my computer (because I save to my external hard drive from now on), and only then I place it in SF. Such a pity drag and drop option doesn’t work for photo insertion in SF.


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