beam me up, scottie

Posted on: September 23, 2009

Currently sitting at the Bahen Centre using my laptop as many people pass me by. in a couple of minutes time I will switch off the charger and laptop, and walk to the blue van (which has gained my loyalty simply by its choice of salmon patties) and get a burger. Perhaps no chips this time, because a combo costs $6, and finishing it will give me an uncomfortably bloated stomach.

Economics lecture will begin by the time I finish my burger, and it will be time to hand in the 2942 word essay I churned out last night. Doomsday. Shrugs. I have no idea what to expect, I don’t know if I’ve written coherently, I’ve done what I could in the couple of hours I had, so that’s that. I’ve submitted it to the powers beyond me.

Free pears and a peach from Robarts sit beside me, wanting to be eaten. Now? Mebbe later, when they’re softer, and more ripe.

Tried to change tutorial session earlier, because having the same session will mean that I will always perpetually be rushing to tutorial, which I may not reach in time to see her start. Tutorial, unlike lecture, was supremely disappointing. There was no discussion, despite questions to facilitate one. It was questions from the TA, that come from the course reprotext, and replies of opinion and regurgitation from the participants – those who choose to speak, or raise their hands fast enough. It is beyond me to understand how people can, before the question is completed, raise their hand in anticipation of answering.

Quite at peace with myself right now, far removed from the panic I felt moments earlier during tutorial when I realised I had no clue what the TA was asking. Her question of incoherence was surprisingly comprhensible by the other people of the class – which to me either means they are just answering because they want the participation points, or they cling to any shred of meaning they have coerced from the mumbling of words the TA produced.

Speaking of which, this is what I produced yesterday, in the midst of trying to write my essay.

I find it fairly amusing. Come now, it is time for the burger to be ordered.


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