oddly complex disorder

Posted on: September 22, 2009

my ocd surfaces when i procrastinate.

i start to walk around the house (whichever house i am in at the point of time) and look at things. itchy fingers begin to adjust papers and clean up, distracted eyes point to discrepancies in row and column alignments, dustballs (especially) and things of the lowest priority.

ideas pop out then, about what to do next. what blog entry to write about next, what photos to upload, what captions to write. equip me with paper and pen at this point of time, and you will begin to see lists of things to do, write, see, and all sorts of other general categories appear.

the thought of exercising comes then into the field, and this is generally when it begins to slow down. exercise brings with it a shower of fatigue, and when i am slowed down i return back to my original, oftentimes dreaded, task that i had vainly and naively tried to keep at bay.

the reason why you see so many blog posts, facebook updates and pictures at this point of time is due to the essay due tomorrow. why i ran this morning, and why i cleaned up yesterday also points to that answer. that, and the fact that its a lot of words to write about something i don’t know, and a question i am unclear about.

ask me to write to the prof for clarity? i did. he said: “its about reflecting on the readings, which will allow me to gauge the class’ understanding of economics”

what do you make of that?


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