holistic food

Posted on: September 18, 2009

Having read several economics and anthropology papers, I have come to realise one thing: that I had, unknowingly, in our very humanistic behaviour of labelling and categorising, treated the two ‘subjects’ as separate and distinctive from each other, as if they were independent variables in the scientific case study that is the world.

There has been considerable overlap in what I have covered in both classes, and both by myself in readings as well as by lecturers. Houldin could not help but mention some sort of anthropological context when he was talking about economics and its history; likewise we have been talking about capitalist markets and their formation throughout the anthropology lectures.

I suppose the main reason why I am writing now is for clarity much more than anything else – that I forget sometimes as much as I remember, that many systems we study in separate disciplines are, in reality, inseparable as the ocean is from the earth. We can all see the differences, but to treat them as mutually exclusive entities would be a big mistake, and unhelpful at all in comprehending the bigger picture, the holistic view required in understanding these systems, that play a part in understanding our role and place in this world.


on a side topic, I have been cooking my own meals the past few days, and I’m very proud of that fact! here’s to mom and dad, who came from cooking schools at some point of their lives. this is mixed vegetables on the side, with stir-fried potato slices as the staple. oh, and mom’s famous beansprout with egg omelette that eventually pulled me over to the dark side to be a fan of beansprouts. very effective indeed – see, i’m even cooking it myself now. inconceivable? try it. anthropology teaches us that whatever we deem acceptable, is drummed into us by culture. :D open the mind and see the possibilities! (:


this is tonight’s dinner, spaghetti and mixed vegetables with sunny side up. such a happy egg, no? :D


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