the Zs come fast

Posted on: September 16, 2009

i get tired pretty easily here i think. i took a nap just now because i just couldn’t concentrate – and it was only 8pm. waking up from that was even worse coz i was so groggy. the boyfriend was outside so didn’t manage to skype, and mom’s working – just as well i suppose, because i probably wouldn’t be able to talk for very long before wanting to go back to sleep.

and i’m so glad i’ve done the readings for tomorrow’s anthropology class. now i just have to do readings for economics class tomorrow. my community readings are due too. gah. i’m buried in readings and its only the ‘second’ week!

on another note, today’s field trip was pretty cool coz we got to see oak-savannah systems in high park. i never realised oak was a fire resistant species – and the TA, rob, was pretty funny. no pictures today because i thought i’d just go back to high park on my own time one day and explore the place. apparently there’s a ‘zoo’ inside too, with about ten animals or so. looks like a nice place to jog too, and katie jogs there – she lives near there! it’s such a beautiful park to be close to.

speaking of katie, i bumped into her the other day at the library elevators (i think uoft is really small now), and she brought me to the 4th floor of robarts library: the tables there are so big, with lamps and power plugs and all the serenity of a quiet library! i’ll be heading there from now onwards. (:

and today, i called out to daniel as he passed me by on his bike! we chatted for a bit before he had to go to class. such a small world man.


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