boreal earth science

Posted on: September 16, 2009

i went to the earth sciences library for the first time today, finally managing to find it after a second attempt. our first attempt to find bancroft avenue (where it is located at) was an impromptu decision to look for the library before going to joker’s hill, and we gave up after realising that we had passed it a few blocks ago and it was far behind us.

this time though i had alot more patience and the one crucial ingredient any explorer needs to find their land: a map.

well, that, and i also asked around.

the place is quiet and has few people; and the place where the books are kept is a little stuffy. with super friend/nice counter staff, and the fact that my course text was there, i decided i would come back again soon. but as i was browsing through some books, i overheard the counter senior staff saying that the earth sciences library still had no wireless after all this time of asking to be ‘wired up’.

sad thing, no? a beautiful place with great books, that is not ‘chosen’ to be wired up.

moving on, i had found a nice little corner to occupy myself with. “all books for $1”, it said. the best part about it? i found a book on microeconomics, and i immediately eyed it. also decided to just get another book, since it was only a dollar. it was on environmental management, with a focus on politics.

i’m really glad i got into my last class for this semester, the power of economic ideas. i’m looking forward to be challenged to think and write about important issues, and learn about another world that i should have learnt so long ago.


today the dean of science from nus, professor wee, came – and we met in the lobster room of koffler’s student centre. such a weird name for a room. “hi, yes we’re lobstering today.”

thought the ‘session’ was kinda silly in a way that we were just beginning the academic year, so we didn’t have very much to talk about. on the other hand though, it was nice to be able to touch base with someone regarding the courses.

also, the other minor (physics joint minor) students were holding the interest of the dean much more than we were – because they were uoft students going to singapore. shrugs. at least miranda and erica from uoft office were interested in talking to us about it (and knew what we were talking about).

rushed off after that for david schindler’s seminar on whether boreal forests are a global change timebomb – depressing talk. he raised some interesting issues and i’m going to google his references to read some particular papers on insects and permafrost.

having a few minutes before the meeting with the dean i had popped by becca’s office to say hi and talk for a bit, and i mentioned how before i came to canada we had a textbook reference about the great experimental lakes where in one such experiment a plastic vinyl curtain was pulled across an 8 hectare lake to divide the lake into control and treatment areas (ecology 3251 students do you remember that?), and how excited i was to finally be in canada, where this had gone on – and becca said david schindler was the one who did that!

i was like OMG. i’m actually going to be listening to a seminar by the guy who i read about in a book all the way in singapore. how amazing is that?!

these are the times man. this is where everything changes. watch me head into some walls as i make life changing decisions. probably. politics isn’t so far from what i see that needs to be done. shocked? don’t be.


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