stapled union tickets at hart

Posted on: September 11, 2009


im getting used to cooking more often, and having groceries in the fridge is one incentive to cook. spend money to get food into the fridge, you better eat it before it spoils and you waste money. haha. it’s saving me lots! our very first dinner cost us each $1.86CAD, and after that it cost even less coz it was just veggies. a meal with fish and prawns cost about $2.50CAD odd. excellent!


the crew at breakfast. and no, its not monday blues. you can see a bit of our guest wall there. when its more complete there’ll be more pictures! instead of getting a whiteboard (which is expensive even for a small one, and you can’t write much on that one anyways), we got transparencies from the uoft bookstore! :D 20c each. it was the marker that cost us, but oh what the heck. its happiness on the wall. (:


afterwards saw us at hart house eating and drinking, making merry in the company of other exchange students. free food anytime for students man! the words free and student go together anytime. talked to some people from netherlands and germany, and to the guy who’s coordinating the visit from the dean to uoft.


that’s the huge pile of food they literally PILED onto the table. nice and fancy! so anyways, the dean of science from nus is coming in a few day’s time, and he wants to meet us, so this guy was trying to coordinate our schedules. most of us can’t make the morning timing, but three of us can do the afternoon one. looks like i have to go! and then the guy told us that the vice deans will be coming too, but sometime in november for them.


desmond’s not full from the food at hart house, but cranky i guess. haha! no lah he makes faces at the camera all the time.


so today i decided to bring my camera (dante!) around town since we would be walking around to get the printer and buy tickets for the train to niagara falls. periodically asked them to pose for some pictures, and this is what chongster did when chin wasn’t looking. haha!


walking around the southern part of town, you can see the leaves changing colour already. its supposedly fall now, but the weather’s dropping very slowly. good for us! :D by the time we get to joker’s hill in early october, it’ll be fall and we’ll get to see the place in beautiful colours (: joker’s hill is like the sungei buloh in singapore. most field trips head there, and already we have two scheduled for there.


saw a different type of squirrel finally! this one had a bushier tail, whitish hairs and seemed FATTER. this one is blinking. haha! nearby this lawn where the squirrel was was a protest-petition-awareness thing that tamils were holding. apparently it was something about sri lankan resentment, pickets depicting pictures of people bloodied and hurt, deformed children and words saying “do not buy sri lankan products” were stuck into the ground, with 15-20 seemingly indian (tamil) people sitting nearby with more posters.

wanted to take some pictures but i really didn’t want the harassment i assumed i would get when i stopped to take. they’d probably swarm me to tell me their message. shrugs. i’m sure you wouldn’t want me to be harassed too! :D

DSC_0442 DSC_0441

this was the funniest site of all for us today – m&m jacket wearers standing outside in a big mass on cell phones, reading papers, talking and gesturing wildly – we all slowed down our strides and took a long look at them!

as i took out my camera and snapped photos, evelyn went to a lady (in the picture above) to ask what it was all about: these people were part of the sales department of m&m companies from different countries (but somehow mainly puerto rico and costa rica), gathered for a sales convention! how cool is that! i want a jacket like that. hurhur.


desmond’s suddenly interested in the news. rofl. free newspaper off the street, we took a one-minute break and cam whored!


chong and tuan. balanced dante on my knee and took this shot. haha! otherwise he’s too heavy to balance man.


chong then started reading the paper (chen shui bian from taiwan got a life sentence for corruption!) and desmond here looks like he’s impatiently waiting! haha. it was an impromptu moment caught on camera. he was just checking the time. :D but we were rushing to get to the union station to get our tickets asap before they ran out, as well as get to staples to buy our printer before they closed.


at union station, after we bought our tickets, we hung around for a while. the station looks like the grand central station in new york that the x-men were fighting in in one of the x-men movies. it was really nice! you can see i’m wearing the uoft hoodie that was on sale yesterday. yayy! this was a test shot, and the camera’s slanted.


was initially a self test shot, but chongster ran up behind me and you can see desmond standing at the yellow booth by himself – cue: orange backpack. whee!


then desmond came along, and put on his white uoft hoodie. first group shot, i jumped impromptu! :D happiness!


took various shots after that, was hilarious. this was the last shot, and we’re ALL in HOODIES. yo man, hoodie’s da way man. hurhur.


outside, this building caught my eye. it looks like canvas that fell off or was pinned too shabbily – but it’s almost ALL drawing! the middle windows are REAL, but the rest is all drawn. :D


the building of the toronto sun had a huge mural on it, of victorian people and travel carriages strewn about. this shot has a juxtaposition of that carriage and a modern day car. (: too bad we were rushing to staples or i’d have gotten a better angle for the shot. ohwells!


after staples, we were all so tired. decided to take the very expensive subway back. costs $2.25CAD flat rate per trip, but you can get transfers to streetcars or buses sometimes.

evelyn’s making a face either coz she’s tired, or.. she’s exhausted. shrugs.


that’s the subway train. it’s cool coz i’ve always assumed subways and train stations looking like how these look. they’re very similar to london’s metro. :D


off spadina station, it was a looooong walk through the tunnel to the exit to our apartment. the building of this tunnel DID NOT help lessen the pain of that walk in any way. it made it so much more worse. architects should take psychology courses, no?


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